HPCIP March 31, 2011

The Huntington Park Community in Partnership Plan

The Huntington Park Community Partnership Plan is an effort to improve the quality of education throughout LAUSD by bringing communities together to help improve schools. Communities are vital in this effort: teachers and plans and administrators may come and go, but the community will always be there.

Schools struggle when a school’s plans are changed every few years when key teachers retire or administrators leave. However, when the community holds the plan for the schools, the schools can get better year after year because the plans are consistent. New teachers and administrators add to the existing plan, not start all over again every time there is a faculty change.

Additionally, most schools rely only on the school district for support. The schools need parents and the community to be involved to make the school a success. Schools need a clear way for the community to work with the school.

How the Plan Works

The Huntington Park Community in Partnership believes the best way for a community to run its schools is through a Board of Directors. This way the Board will be able to not only write a plan specific for the needs of each school in the community, but also synchronize those plans across the Elementary, Middle and High Schools. The Board of Directors should be made up of parents, community members, teachers, administrators and people who are experts on education.

The Board should write one Strategic Plan that sets specific goals, and then each year the Board should present the results of that plan to the community. They should tell the community what worked, what failed, and their solutions for the next year. And most important, they should listen to what the community tells them they want from the plan.

At no time should the board be a “Second Administration”. The goal of the Board is strictly long-term planning to create world-class schools for the community and make sure the school stays on track to meet that goal.HPCIP currently has a proposal before the LAUSD School Board for Huntington Park High School. This is an example of how HPCIP sees the Board and the Strategic Plan working together:

One Vision – One Primary Goal

The Vision

Unite Huntington Park High School under one Strategic Plan in order to create a world-class school to serve the community.

The Plan

The H.P. Board of Directors Create and monitor a Strategic Plan designed to make H.P. a world class high school.
The Administration Led by a principal appointed by the board, this team will execute the Strategic Plan on a daily basis.
The Faculty Each faculty member will know their part of the plan.
The Staff The staff will have clear goals to support the plan.
The Parents Parents will be organized to support their students in school.
Community Partners Community supports will be aligned with the plan.

The Goal

The Students All students will graduate with a dream for their future and have the motivation and 21st century skills to reach their goals.

Current Schools

The Huntington Park Community in Partnership Plan currently has a plan for Huntington Park High School before the LAUSD School Board. There are two other plans (not written by HPCIP) before the board as well. The LAUSD School Board will make a decision on April 12, 2011. You can read all three plans here.

Huntington Park Community in Partnership (HPCIP) also filed a Letter of Intent for Gage Middle School (a “feeder” school for Huntington Park High School) as part of Public School Choice 3.0., as well as for several other schools. You can read the Letters of Intent submitted by all parties here.

Why did HPCIP apply to run so many schools?

The HPCIP Plan is a philosophy, a philosophy that the community can and should run its schools. In this spirit, HPCIP is willing to share the plan developed for Huntington Park High School with other interested parties. So if you missed the deadline to apply for a school, or if you’re a faculty team who thinks the HPCIP Plan is a good idea, and especially if you’re a parent who wants to take control of a better future for your child and all the children, then please, contact us! Yes parents, YOU can do this! E-mail us and let’s talk about it.

An Invitation to the Community

If you see one of your schools on the list, remember this: it is YOUR school. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Come claim it, and help us help the community run the schools and not corporations or unions. Corporations and unions have their place, but we need the balance that only a community can provide.

If you would like to participate, please send an e-mail: info@hpcip.org Keep checking this site for updates and be sure to let your friends know! Thank you!

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